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ROACHE' ----The Group of the '70's

From Ashland Kentucky in the 1970's came one the area's top Rock 'n' Roll bands.The members consisted of:
  Mark Brislin: Mark played guitar and drums and shared the vocal leads. Nickname--Briz
  Kevin Slusher: Kevin played drums and also shared the vocal leads. Nickname--Slut
  Bennie Clark: Bennie played the keyboards, both Piano and the Hammond B-3, with duel Leslie's of course. Nickname--Ben
  James B. Hodges: Jim played the Bass Guitar and Guitar. Nickname--JB
  Tim Mantle: Tim played Bass Guitar and Guitar. Nickname--Timo
  Gary Donaldson: Gary played keyboards and joined the group after Bennie retired. Nickname--Gary
  Phillip Smith: Phillip played Lead Guitar and shared the vocal leads. Nickname--Phil


Mark Brislin is not married and lives in Lexington Kentucky. Mark works in electronics.
Kevin Slusher is married with two children and lives in Ashland, Kentucky. Kevin manages a local restaurant.
Ben Clark is married with one child and lives in Ashalnd Kentucky. Ben works for a major oil company.
Jim Hodges is married with three children. Jim lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and is a dive instructor.
Tim Mantle is married with two children and one grandchild. Tim lives in Ashland, Kentucky and works in Law Enforcement. Gary Donaldson is married and lives in Ashland, Kentucky. Gary owns a gift shop and still plays music.
Phillip Smith passed away a few years ago and his passing is a great loss to all.