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The Mantles of Ashland, Kentucky

We are the Mantles of Ashland Kentucky and welcome to our homepage. Standing in the back on the left of the picture is Shea. Shea is a college student. Also standing in the back row is Tim. Tim is a church musician. Sitting, on the left is Rebecca. Rebecca is also college student and the mother of Chase who is sitting on her lap. Chase is the 20 month old son of Rebecca and the grandson of Tim and Kevann. Last, but not least, is Kevann. Kevann (pronounced Kevin)works at a local bank. You should be hearing a song on this site, if you are it is "I'm Going Home" written by Tim. For more on Tim's music check out the Holy Family Music Ministry in our list of links.

My Snazzy List of Links

Holy Family Music Ministry: Link to the church where Tim is a musician and Kevann is a singer.
Catnip: My favorite Kentucky Basketball Site

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